Tilse GmbH has significantly expanded its production. The Deutsche Yachten member, supplier of highest quality yacht glass, is also focusing on sustainability. 

More and more glass surfaces and the largest possible floor-to-ceiling panes – in recent years, this trend from building construction has also spread to the yachting industry. High-quality glass constructions have never been in such demand as they are today. 

TILSE GmbH, a specialist in yacht glazing, has been involved in over 300 different superyacht projects in more than 30 years; most recently, the company and member of the Deutsche Yachten working group was involved in the construction of the 94-metre Feadship VIVA and the 45-metre PATH by Baltic Yachts, both of which were exhibited at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021. 

To meet the ever-growing demand in the market, TILSE has recently doubled its production capacity. New glass bending furnaces, large machines with CNC control technology and state-of-the-art chemical toughening processes enable TILSE to manufacture individual glass sheets of up to six metres in length. This means that even more elaborate and complex glass designs can now be made possible on board. 

“The demand for individual and high-quality glass designs in the superyacht sector is incredibly high at the moment,” comments Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director of the Deutsche Yachten working group. “There are hardly any yachts being planned now that don’t have large-scale glass installed. This is a trend that will not disappear any time soon. TILSE has picked the perfect time to boost production.” 

A special adhesive resin specially developed by TILSE plays a central role in product quality. This material enables a delamination-free glass bond and guarantees maximum safety over the widest temperature range from -40 to over 100 degrees Celsius. 

But it is not only the production that takes place completely in-house at TILSE: with the expansion of its production capacity, the glass manufacturer is also expanding its full-service offering. The “TILSE” experience means that every sub-process, from the initial discussions about possible projects, to clarifying the technical possibilities with the classification society, to production and installation, is carried out by TILSE employees. “Customers should know that we make the best choice in raw materials to avoid any visual impact. The entire production process is designed for maximum quality, which leads to higher costs. However, the end result is much better than the standard glass on the market,” explains Henning von der Thüsen, Managing Director of TILSE. 

The yacht glazier has also upgraded in terms of sustainability. In addition to around 1400 square metres of solar cells on the roof of the production hall, which enable a self-sufficient energy supply, TILSE has recently also had an e-transporter, which is used in a particularly future-oriented way; namely as a shuttle bus to bring the company’s trainees to and from the company premises. “Trainees are the future of our craft,” says von der Thüsen, “by providing a more pleasant working environment, we are investing in the future of our company.” 

The expansion of TILSE’s facilities and 30 years of experience in the production of high-quality glass for yachts underpin the company’s position as a true expert in this field.