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Wrede Consulting GmbH

Leunastraße 67a
22761 Hamburg

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Wrede Consulting, founded by Kay-Johannes Wrede in 1999, are independent paint consultants and surveyors. They specialize in mega- and superyachts and have been involved with most of the 200 largest yachts of the world. Wrede Consulting engages in quality assessment for the coating of yachts as well as overall technical support for new builds and refits.

Refit/ Repair

WREDE Inspection Packages (WIPs)

The larger and more complicated structures of superyachts, coming with higher speed and a wider range of cruising areas such as Arctic / Antarctic or tropical regions, require high-end coating systems with perfect corrosion protection and products fit for purpose. With a team of highly specialized experts, Wrede Consulting is taking on these challenges using the most modern technologies and equipment, with the aim of achieving the best solutions and results for each individual project. Wrede Consulting have offices and representatives in Hamburg, Bremen, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

New Builds