Innovation in deckbuilding

  • Market leader in manufacturing of teak decks
  • Digital measuring of the boat decks
  • Installation of the teak decks
  • Manufacturing of “Wolzynteek”-artificial teak decks

Wolz Nautic GmbH & Co. KG

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97253 Gaukönigshofen

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Finishing work for teak deck assembly

FAT situation for a 75 m motoryacht in Wolz Nautic’s production workshop

58,5 m MY Ronin (by Lürssen Kröger)

If you are looking for a really fantastic deck, then come and talk to us! We are market leaders in the overall manufacture of prefabricated teak decks and have the very best references in the semi-customised and megayacht field. Digital measurement of the yacht‘s deck with a 3D-lasertracker, the use of noise- and weight-reducing cork technology and synthetic technology with Wolzynteek decks are only some of Wolz Nautic‘s innovations in deck construction, which we have been combining with proven traditional woodworking since 1927.

Solid timber ornaments for flooring both inside and outside are our latest achievement. Wolz Nautic offers a completely new solution, allowing us to manufacture with the same precision as with delicate veneer inlay work.