The work group Deutsche Yachten comprises a number of carefully selected German companies active in the construction and fitting out of yachts over 24 metres in length. The industry pool is part of the Association of German Boat and Shipbuilders, which brings together all the major companies in the German yacht industry. The objective of the group is to advertise its members´ skills and to make Germany even better known internationally as a centre of yachtbuilding.

To create the best yachts in the world, it takes the most sophisticated experts:

gifted engineers, designers and carpenters, – specialists of distinct skills

who are all united and driven by their unlimited love for the seas.

We at DEUTSCHE YACHTEN, represented by leading German companies,

are fully aware of the demands and desires associated with the build of a mega yacht

and are thrilled by the idea to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Focussed on the biggest oceans, as much as on the smallest details.

Superyacht Competence – Made in Germany

The fact that the biggest yachts in the world for many years are currently built in Germany, demonstrates that all the essential factors are present: the engineering, the size of the building berths, the infrastructure, the quality of the suppliers and the expertise of the yard workers. Everyone involved in the building process is aware of the complexity of a large yacht and knows that dealing with such a large technical system presents a major challenge.

The DEUTSCHE YACHTEN work group promotes good relations among its members, thus ensuring problem-free cooperation and the development of new ideas. This frequently results in new and better work processes. The winners are the costumers, because in Germany yachts are built and equipped by people who are all experts and specialists in their fields. Consequently all German-built yachts bear the same “Made in Germany” quality label.