Drettmann Yachts presents the new generation of its own brand Bandido with the almost 50 meter long B-50.

Bandido Yachts is the name of the custom division for explorer yachts from Drettmann Yachts in Bremen. Under this label, individual constructions are realized according to customer requirements. There are no limits to the design, size and equipment.

Bandido Yachts are designed as uncompromising explorers on the outside and equipped on the inside with features that leave no detail untouched.

With the B-50, the Deutsche Yachten member is now presenting a new Bandido project that takes into account numerous customer wishes and the experience of the Drettmann team.

With a volume of 499 Gross Tons, the 49.90 meter long and 9.30 meter wide B-50 has a capacity for twelve guests in six cabins, with the owner enjoying a private deck complete with Jacuzzi and lounge. As the crew perform anchor maneuvers from the deck below, the owner has a seamless view of the sea from his suite.

The outstanding features for all guests include a sheltered outdoor cinema at the rear of the upper deck, a gym with a fold-out balcony on the lower deck and a six-metre-long pool on the main deck, on the sides of which the bulwark can be folded out to enlarge the lounge area. When the water is drained, the bottom of the pool can be raised so that it is flush with the deck. A helicopter can then take off and land on the Touch&Go area for owner and guest transfers if required.

The B-50 is powered by pod drives, which allow her captain to maneuver excellently. Drettmann Yachts specifies a maximum speed of 14 knots for the stylish explorer; at four knots less, the B-50 can travel around 4,500 nautical miles non-stop.

Drettmann Yachts has unrivaled experience in the genre of individual one-off constructions. The Bremen-based company has not only built 1,000 flybridge yachts up to over 40 meters in length, but has also delivered 25 explorers between 30 and over 52 meters in length.

Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director of Deutsche Yachten within the German Boat and Shipbuilders’ Association, comments: “A very interesting yacht project that will certainly appeal to many customers.”