With Aquahalo and Serenity Sky, the fittings manufacturer is presenting two shower innovations. The Deutsche Yachten member traditionally supplies numerous large yachts.

Dornbracht, headquartered in Iserlohn, Germany, is the leading supplier of high-quality designer fittings and accessories for the bathroom, spa and kitchen. The company was founded in 1950 and is internationally active with its product portfolio in more than 125 markets. The premium manufacturer stands worldwide for design and architectural expertise with manufacturing quality at the highest level.

With Aquahalo, Dornbracht is expanding its spa applications with a sculptural experience shower that is modeled on a classicist crystal chandelier. In keeping with the guiding principle “Follow Your Bliss”, the product by designer Michael Neumayr offers unique experiences: Three effective jet types, including a light and water spot integrated into the ceiling, provide both meditative and invigorating moments of happiness in everyday life.

The product is available in five finishes: chrome and champagne (22kt gold), each in glossy and brushed, and also in matt black. Three different spray types together with an integrated light guarantee unique water experiences: With Aqua Circle Rain, the water falls out of the ring like a soft funnel, creating a relaxing, meditative effect. Tempest Rain resembles an invigorating rain shower coming from all directions. The gentle drops fall seemingly without pressure and provide clarity and energy. Diamond Rain, on the other hand, bundles water and light into a crystal-clear stream that is both soothing and aesthetic.

Another new addition to the Dornbracht portfolio is Serenity Sky. The new rain panel will be available from July 2024 with two or five spray types and combines different active principles in one product. They not only provide holistic relaxation, but also support mental and physical health. The basic version of Serenity Sky, which is also available as a FlowReduce version with a reduced flow rate, includes Purify and Full Rain: with Full Rain, the drops fall gently and over a large area. They envelop the entire body and only the facial area remains free of water. Purify Rain, on the other hand, impresses with a powerful jet for efficient daily cleansing and hair washing.

The extended version, Serenity Sky+, has three additional spray types. Light and surface selection offer numerous customization options

In addition to the spray types, further customization options are available. If Serenity Sky is selected with a light joint, for example, different colors can be set depending on the mood.

Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director of Deutsche Yachten, comments: “Innovative spa solutions are more in demand than ever on large yachts. Our member Dornbracht is at the forefront of this exclusive niche. It is impressive to see how the theme of water can be staged in new ways time and time again.”