With Alva Yachts, the network of the German Yachts Working Group has been expanded to include a young and promising shipyard. The yacht builders from Lower Saxony specialise in luxurious electric catamarans. 

Alva Yachts emerged in 2020 from its predecessor Pica Yachts, a successful provider of smaller sailing and motor yachts with electric propulsion. With the goal of achieving more sustainability and the reduction of harmful emissions in boat building in mind, they switched to building high-quality and fully electric solar catamarans.

“Nowadays, electricity is often not obtained sustainably, so we use regenerative energy. Construction elements, materials, manufacturing processes and transport can also be improved. This also applies to the construction and use of yachts because we see a lot of development potential here,” explains Holger Henn, co-founder of Alva Yachts and CEO of the renowned design office HENNDESIGN, which is responsible for the design and development of the e-catamarans. “Our challenge is, among other things, to relieve the climate by developing new technologies.”

Despite their self-imposed commitment to sustainability, Alva Yachts’ catamaran models boast a high degree of luxury and performance. Success speaks for itself: the sales figures for the OE60 model alone have already reached double figures since the company was founded almost three years ago. Four units are currently under construction; the successor model OE90 has already been sold twice. “Our customers know about our advantages,” says Holger Henn. “Our brand is completely focused on e-catamarans. We offer sophisticated, innovative project solutions and combine first-class luxury with applied sustainability.” 

The production site in Bad Pyrmont currently employs just under 20 people – and they are working at full capacity. According to Henn, the next building sites will probably not become available again until 2026. 

“The idea of sustainability combined with advanced technology and responsible company management is a potent mixture that not only meets the spirit of the times, but also brings high potential for the future,” says Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director of the German Yachts Working Group. “I am therefore delighted to welcome Alva Yachts as a new company with us.”