Members of the German Yachts working group are involved in times of the corona pandemic: companies donate masks and provide expert help.

The effects of the corona pandemic are spreading worldwide and seamlessly across all industries – although the superyacht sector seems to be somewhat less affected than other industries. So far there are no news of mega yacht projects being halted or even insolvencies. Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director of the German Boat and Shipbuilders’ Association and thus also of the Deutsche Yachten Working Group, says: “The megayacht business has always been somewhat more resistant to crises. So far I have not received any worrying news from our members.”


However, many companies showed solidarity in these economically and socially tense times. Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven, for example, donated about 200 respiratory masks to the Bremen Ministry of Economic Affairs to equip employees in the health sector with them, thus reducing the risk of infection and ensuring the safety of doctors and nurses.

Also the Oldenburger Interior GmbH & Co. KG also made a similar commitment. In order to help beyond the boundaries of its own company, the interior specialist, together with its Chinese colleagues in Shanghai, Oldenburger Interior Products, donated a total of 5000 masks to medical facilities and nursing homes.

Dimension-Polyant, the world market leader in the production of canvas, received increased inquiries for its extremely light spinnaker cloths for the production of protective suits, aprons and smocks. Other fabrics and laminates of Dimension-Polyant are suitable for the production of screens and temporary room dividers; there are also applications in the field of facial protection that make use of Dimension-Polyant technology.

Another example of comprehensive support was provided by the London-based law firm Ince & Co, which is also a member of Deutsche Yachten with its German branch. With the wide-ranging expertise of its lawyers, Ince & Co published freely accessible regular updates on postponed trade shows, yacht chartering and other effects of the pandemic within the industry.

About Deutsche Yachten:
The Deutsche Yachten working group consists of hand-picked German companies that are active in the construction and outfitting of yachts over 24 metres in length. The working group is part of the German Boat and Shipbuilder’s Association, whose members are the leading companies of the German yacht industry. It is the aim of the group to make Germany even better known internationally as a business location, and to promote yacht building in Germany. At present, the working group comprises over 60 companies from all over Germany.