The Bremen-based multiplex GmbH provides an undisturbed atmosphere on the sun and aft decks of large yachts with a new product. 

The sun awning systems are the absolute top seller at Multiplex. They adorn numerous foredecks and aft decks of large yachts, providing shade for the popular dining and lounge areas. Adaptable to any conditions, the system is highly appreciated by owners and crews for its design, extreme durability and ease of use.

But sometimes it’s not just about shading the aft deck or sundeck on board. Numerous owners want the greatest possible privacy on their yacht. Inside, this is of course ensured, but in the outdoor areas this often becomes difficult. We have therefore developed our so-called Privacy Shield, which can be tensioned very easily and with the same equipment as our awning systems. So you can relax, dine or celebrate undisturbed on board without strangers looking in. A pleasant side effect: the Privacy Shield also keeps the wind out.

The Privacy Shield can of course be adapted to any structure on board: Several possibilities of fixing enable an easy installation on every yacht. Each sail is individually hand made so it will suit perfectly to the vessel’s outline. Miscellaneous paintings of the poles as well as several types of sailcloth and sailcloth colours leave nothing to be desired.

Jan Reiners, CEO and founder of multiplex, says: “Some people like to be seen on board, some rather less – just think of celebrities chartering yachts. That’s why I think Privacy Shield is a great addition to our portfolio.”