NOMEN, the expert for cleat solutions from Hamburg and a long-standing member of Deutsche Yachten, presents the NOMEN cleat IV, a new solution for movable platforms on large yachts.

When the boat garage on large yachts is opened, the hatch often forms a platform to which dinghies and jet skis can moor. If the garage or door is closed, the cleat must be folded away or lowered so that it does not interfere with closing. No part of the cleat must therefore be above deck level. Standard market solutions often have considerable disadvantages: Folding installation cleats that lie in a recess are not locked in place and can fall uncontrollably from their horizontal position when the garage is closed, which can hinder the closing process. In this case, the recess also forms an unsightly hollow that can quickly become a tripping hazard. Retractable cleats, however, require a lot of space below deck and are very heavy due to the large amount of material.

Axel Hoppenhaus, Managing Director at NOMEN and lead designer, has come up with a system for the new platform cleat that differs from all other solutions on the market. “The Nomen cleat IV is spring-loaded and cannot fall out of its horizontal position due to gravity when the platform is swiveled,” explains Hoppenhaus. “In addition, the housing of the cleat is also closed with a spring-loaded cover. This means that it forms one level with the deck, regardless of whether the cleat is open or closed, and always looks good. The surface can be walked on barefoot at any time.”

The cleat itself, the lid and all visible parts are made of stainless steel, while non-visible and non-load-bearing components are made of plastic. This saves a lot of weight, which benefits the overall weight of the yacht and sustainability as a whole.

All mounting screws are elegantly concealed under an intermediate layer of elastic material, on which the cover is also softly supported. Stainless steel springs ensure that both the cleat itself and the cover are held in the open and closed position. “With the NOMEN platform cleat, we have created an innovative and versatile product,” continues Hoppenhaus. “The new cleat can also be used on bathing platforms or beach clubs, for example.”

Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director of the German Boat and Shipbuilders’ Association and thus also of the working group Deutsche Yachten, is delighted with the innovative strength of members such as NOMEN: “Germany simply stands for top engineering performance. With its new product, NOMEN proves this with flying colors.”