PMP Germany GmbH is an authorized specialist dealer for couplings from renowned manufacturers, including the marine sector. The company recently joined Deutsche Yachten.

PMP, based in Erkrath, North Rhine-Westphalia, was founded in 2017 as PMP Industrie- & Antriebstechnik GmbH and restructured as PMP Germany GmbH in 2023. Customers benefit not only from over 40 years of experience in the field of drive and coupling technology, but also from extensive networking with leading associations and selected technical partners. PMP has also recently become a member of the German Yachts Working Group.

Since its foundation, PMP has enjoyed an excellent reputation among yacht owners, shipping companies and shipyards in the maritime and inland waterway sector, all of whom place their trust in the company’s technical expertise. PMP’s “crew” stands for many years of experience in their field, top product quality, customer orientation, flexibility, rapid availability and an in-house service team that customers can also access on site if necessary. With its highly flexible couplings “Made in Germany” and services available 24/7, PMP ensures that repairs are carried out in the best possible way and that ships are ready to sail again as quickly as possible and equipped with leading drive technology.

“A suitable and correctly configured and designed coupling is the right piece of the puzzle for an application or machine that should and must keep the operation running,” says Michael Heimansfeld, Managing Director at PMP Germany. In addition to the reliable supply of couplings and spare parts, the company’s core competencies also include the development of individual drive solutions tailored to the individual customer, including a complete coupling design including suitable calculations. “With the help of our highly trained engineers and our extensive network, we develop the right coupling for our customers. We also help to reconfigure existing clutches and adapt individual components for optimum running performance – or we select a completely new clutch system with the customer’s support.”

In addition to supplying clutches and suitable spare parts, PMP is able to repair older clutches as good as new, carry out alignment checks on complete drivetrains, analyze cases of damage and provide expert assessments and proposed solutions on site. Thanks to its extensive network, PMP can offer a high degree of flexibility and customer friendliness in all areas.

“With PMP, the Deutsche Yachten working group has been expanded to include a technical specialist who has the potential to provide our existing members with a number of synergies that will benefit everyone involved,” says Claus-Ehlert Meyer, Managing Director of Deutsche Yachten. “I am delighted to welcome PMP Germany GmbH to our working group.”