The Glamox brand stands for a comprehensive range of lighting solutions for the professional lighting market. “Creating Light for a better life” is the company credo. Now, the Deutsche Yachten member celebrated its 75th anniversary.

At the beginning of this journey was the discovery of a method for the electrochemical surface treatment of aluminum by Norwegian civil engineer and scientist Birger Hatlebakk. He called this process, which could be used to produce efficient aluminum reflectors for high-performance luminaires, glamoxing. In 1947, Hatlebakk founded the Glamox company, which used his method to produce high-quality luminaires with efficient aluminum reflectors at an attractive price. The young company then developed a range of successful lighting products and built a factory in Hatlebakk’s hometown of Molde, Norway.

Today, the Glamox Group is a global company with around 2300 employees and sales and production sites in several European countries, Asia and North and South America. Glamox has also been represented in Germany since 1995. With two locations – a head office in Hildesheim and a branch office in Bremen – Glamox Germany today employs around 230 people who ensure customer satisfaction on a daily basis.

However, the site in Molde, Norway, remains the central development and production facility for Glamox to this day, and even after 75 years, the focus is still on the mission statement: “We create sustainable lighting solutions that improve people’s performance and well-being.”

In fact, the company recently committed to a near-term, company-wide reduction in greenhouse emissions under the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). Glamox products also include energy-efficient lighting solutions that can reduce corporate energy consumption by up to 90 percent. With its Human Centric Lighting (HCL) technology, Glamox also improves people’s well-being and performance on a biological level: these lighting solutions address people’s circadian rhythms – their “internal clock”.