Environmentally Responsible Solutions Engineered

  • MARPOL ANNEX IV, Wastewater Treatment Solutions
  • MARPOL ANNEX V, Waste and Food Waste Treatment Solutions
  • Solutions for a Zero Discharge Yacht
  • Permanent washable Air Filter for Engine Room Air Intakes and HVAC
  • Vacuum Collection Systems for Wastewater and Food Waste

Fundamental Marine Developments GmbH

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FMD was founded based on long-term operational experience on Yachts, Navy vessels and Cruise ships. The primary focus became the development of environmentally responsible MARPOL Annex IV and Annex V solutions for Luxury Yachts.

Luxury Yachts typically navigate through, and anchor in, the most clear, beautiful and environmentally sensitive waters in the world. This kind of luxury vessel should be the ‘cleanest’ on the sea, with waste systems that have no detriment to the fragile ecosystems underwater, and a minimum impact on the air above it.

The FMD SBR wastewater treatment plant has been designed and developed to be a genuine industry game-changer. It is the only plant meeting the requirements of IMO MEPC.227(64) that is capable of treating the combined influent of black, grey, laundry and galley wastewater – with no restriction on this influent containing residual fat, oil and grease. It does all this with a very low power demand and low maintenance requirements, and crucially by using no chemicals. Further, a sludge tank is not required with the SBR.

Garbage generated on board is processed by the FMD SWP (Solid Waste Processor); plastic, tins, cardboard, de-watered food waste and sewage-sludge are shredded and then heated to produce a dehydrated sterile waste that can be stored on board for extended periods without the need for refrigeration.