SDT – Our Mission Your Power

  • custom made solutions
  • worldwide service and repair of marine applications
  • tailormade production
  • fulfilling highest quality standards
  • 45 years’ experience in the marine business

Schiffsdieseltechnik Kiel GmbH

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SDT develops individual concepts for efficient and environmentally compatible drive and energy management on ships and offshore installations, as well as in the stationary field. As a leader in the field of drive technology and energy generation, we draw on a wealth of experience in the production and worldwide delivery of now more than 5,000 power units, engines and transmissions. With our brand-spanning after-sales service, we offer all services, from servicing, maintenance and repair through to spare parts supply. We are also available around the clock to assist you with an efficient, fast, and flexible service.

Regardless of whether you need a make-to-order unit or a standard solution. Whether maintenance or the installation of a spare part: the benefits enumerated here are always included in all SDT services. This is something we vouch for.

Every ship, yacht or offshore platform has very specific demands. This applies especially to the power units that ensure the propulsion and energy supply. With over 45 years of experience and specially trained personnel, we build the suitable unit for every subsequent application and monitor the entire process from the first sketch of ideas right through to commissioning. With maximum economic efficiency and fulfilment of the highest quality requirements.

And even after commissioning we remain “on the ball”, if you want us to. With our know-how and experience we are able to look after the unit over its entire life cycle – undertaking all maintenance, inspections and necessary repairs. This allows us to ensure that the operation of the power unit is continuously optimised in terms of both performance and efficiency. Throughout the engine’s lifetime.