The “SmartPowerBoard” is the latest innovative concept developed by the Interior Design Department at Altran Engineering GmbH (formerly BENTELER Engineering) in Bremerhaven, Germany.

The concept offers a high-end solution for multi-functional base stations for charging smartphones, tablets, power banks, game consoles, etc.  “SmartPowerBoard” was designed to blend into exclusive design concepts, such as mega-yachts. Instead of a mess of wires, a central charging station offers many more features than just charging mobile phones. Once placed in the “SmartPowerBoard”, several tasks are performed: recharge, back up and update. Thus, the recharge time is optimally utilized, while the owner can deal with other activities.

 Smartphones, tablets, and game consoles are each charged in separate compartments of the “SmartPowerBoard”. A closed design ensures safe stowage when on sea and harmonious integration into your e existing interior design.

 Devices can either be plugged in with a cable or charged inductively. The cables are built in based on your current devices and can be updated as necessary.

 At present, further product properties are being developed.  The "SmartPowerBoard" is intended not only to charge the battery, but also to manage and perform automatic software updates as well as data backups with the aid of a DeviceSupportUnit on all connected devices.

 The planned configuration of the device support unit includes the control software and interfaces for USB memory sticks, so that a flexible storage medium can be assigned to each device. One-time, user-friendly configuration of the connected devices is done using the touchscreen controls. Once the device is connected, not only is the battery charged, but checks for software updates and data backups are performed in the background. This copies any pictures, music files, emails etc. automatically to the attached USB stick.

 This design concept envisions both the integration of the “SmartPowerBoard” into existing interior components and its use as a stand-alone device. The design as well as the final equipment features are always adapted to customer requirements.

 For more information :

Altran Engineering GmbH

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Förster

Senior Business Manager Stuhr / Bremerhaven

+49 (0) 471  140 490
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