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Woven sailcloth

Secrets of Sailcloth

The Superyacht fabric development process lives on the forefront of sailcloth technology and by utilising the latest yarns and construction methods available DIMENSION-POLYANT strives to overcome the complex physical requirements of Superyachts. Seemingly exponential loads and the extreme conditions in which these sails operate make for the ultimate challenge in the sailcloth world.

DIMENSION-POLYANT, the largest sailcloth producer in the world has over a number of years developed a complete range of woven and laminated fabrics especialy for Superyachts. Using the close relationship DIMENSION-POLYANT has with the world’s leading sailmakers and sailors has allowed us to engineer specific styles to achieve optimum performance and durability. DIMENSION-POLYANT manufactures traditional sailcloth alongside that of the latest sail membranes in our wholly owned and operated facilities around the world. This allows total control over production techniques and quality, something unique to the sailcloth industry.

From weaving and laminating to finishing and the numerous steps in between all areas are meticulously controlled by DIMENSION-POLYANT. This is something that no other ‘cloth supplier’ can offer, ensuring that the highest standards are met and maintained for every product that leaves a DIMENSION-POLYANT facility on four continents. The choice of Superyacht fabrics are covered by a carefully engineered range of rigorously tested woven and laminated fabrics for conventional panelled construction, complemented by the D4® Custom Load Path Membrane, the ultimate in Superyacht sailcloth. Utilising a newly developed fibre such as DYNEEMA® SK78 (see D4® section) has allowed DIMENSION-POLYANT be at the forefront of technology and push the boundaries of sailcloth ever outwards.

Utilising our proven D4® Technology and constantly developing membrane design technogy DIMENSIONPOLYANT can produce the final custom product to suit your Superyacht needs now and well into the future. If you want performance, durability and most of all confidence in a product that is backed by our ‘legally produced’ SY warranty choose a DIMENSIONPOLYANT Superyacht sailcloth today, you won’t be disappointed.